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How To Connect G Suite Gmail For Work To Phone Email App

Ian Izaguirre
Ian Izaguirre
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Ian Izaguirre
Ian Izaguirre

The following is a series of instructions on how to change the Gmail settings so that it allows it to connect to your phones Email App. These instructions are not for those using the “free” Gmail; this is for those who signed up for the free trial for the “Gmail for work – G Suite Program” or are already a monthly paying member for that service.

First Series Of Steps

1. Go to & Sign in.

2. After you sign in, you will be at the Admin Console. At the bottom of this page, you will see a box that says “More Controls”, Click that box.

3. Now a new row of icons should appear. Find the icon that says “Security”, and click it.

4. Now you are on the “Security” page. The First row should have a link called “Basic Settings”, Click it.

5. Now you are on the “Basic Settings” page. Scroll down until you find a row titled “Less secure apps”. This Row should then have a link called “Go to settings for less secure apps”, Click that link.

6. Now you are on the “Advanced Security Settings” Page. You should see a few rows of options. By default, the option “Disable Access To Less Secure Apps” is checked. This prevents our phone from connecting to our paid Gmail account.

7. We are going to change that setting by clicking the option below it called “Allow user to manage their access to less secure apps”. After that option is selected, click the “Save” option that will appear on the bottom right of your screen.

Last Series Of Steps

8. Go to and sign in.

9. Click your Avatar on the top right of your page to open the drop down menu.

10. Click “My Account”. Now you should be on the “My Account” page.

11. In the first row, the first option should be a box called “Sign in & Security”, Click it.

12. Scroll to the bottom of this page, and you should see the last option called “Allow less secure apps: OFF”. By default, this option is set to off. We want to turn it on, so click the icon to the right that looks like a switch. Now it should say “Allow less secure apps: ON”. There is no “Save” button to click here, so this option will automatically save.

13. That’s it! Now download the Google Email app and you can connect it to your Paid Gmail Account.